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Student Activities


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These page contains information which we hope will enhance your time in department of IEEM, especially Extra-curricular activities.

  • We hope to enrich your NTHU life and increase interpersonal relationships among classmates with various team activities.



In order to have a good initial Tsing Hua University and Department of IEEM impression on freshmen, we host a camp for senior high school students every year since 1989 with diverse games and classes. We hope to leave a profound memory for college and senior high school students.


Freshman Discussion

In order to assist you adapting college life, we invite seniors and professors to have a discussion with freshmen. You will find some tips and useful advices at the discussion. Come and discover it. 



IEEM Sports Competition

We regularly launched sports competition at mid-October. A variety of sports games, such as basketball, football, badminton, volleyball, etc. will be held every year. Join us  and try to win the champion if you can. 


Welcome Party

Can you image how wonderful is your college life ?  

If not, let seniors share the experiences with you and you can pick up some interesting tips for yourself. Beside, you can get along with your classmates through the welcome party. Why not enjoy it ? 


Orientation Camp

The most important of freshman activities is “Orientation Camp”. In there, you can experience romantic dances, fascinating activities, furious curriculums, etc. in three days.  This may be the most memorable moment in your college life.   


NTHU Fair Exposition

We aims at providing senior high school students with what they will learn when entering NTHU IEEM. We prepared some fun activities and course materials to let participants get acquaintance with Department of IEEM. 


Academic Seminar

What are you going to do in the future as an IEEMer?

If you have the same doubt, or you are keeping being asked by someone, come and join the academic seminar with alumni sharing their working experiences and sharing abroad academic application experiences. 



Voice of IEEM seems to come to NTHU campus!!!

We provided reality show of karaoke contest for IEEM students. Judges gives credits based on singers’ skills, platform performance, etc. You can also enjoy earnestly show at the end of the contest. 

Be well prepared for the upcoming competition!!  


Christmas Party

We wish you a Merry Christmas, we wish you a Merry …

As the bell rings, as the celebration party begins. You can enjoyed making gingerbread house or exchanging Christmas gifts with someone else. Besides, you can write down some best wishes for your friends, professors, etc.

Wish you have a good Christmas Eve~


IE College School League

Do you want to compete with other opponents with same major in different university?

Here comes a chance that you can explore your potential in ball games and fight for honor in IE College School League. BTW, we win a lot of awards on IE college School League every year. And this year is your turn ~~



IEEM Carnival

Besides above extra-curriculum, we provide a series of different activities, for example, IEEM BBQ, uniform day, gaming competition, IEEM running man, etc. Check it out for this year’s activity, and you will find a lot of surprising events coming up in your college life.