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Career-oriented professional education reform strategy


Special Topic I


Career-oriented professional education reform strategy


SpeakerChien-Chung , Cha Professor

(Beijing Jiaotong University)

HostChien-Wei Wu ProfessorChung-Shou Liao  Professor



LocationEngineering Building I , R9011      



China's social and economy develope to a critical turning point. The human talent is the most important factor

for the healthy and sustainable development . Batches of the new generation need good professional education.

After graduation they entered the job market and fight for lifelong career . Because industrial transformation and

upgrading need a huge amount of expertise. Countries build a new harmonious society which need human

resources support. Students, industry, the country , these  three major stakeholders raised demands for

professional education goals which all point to the future needs of the workplace. The speech combines

engineering professional education which discuss the why, what and how the development of modern

vocational education system to put forward some thoughts.




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