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TSMC 2016 Semi Conductor Leader Program

Dear students,

For the past few years, nano-semi conductor technology has brought revolutionary impacts on human's life. As for the future, we deeply believed that nano-semi conductor technology will be the core driving force for huuman's life, which is also the most valuable technology.

Due to the importance of semi-conductor technology,TSMC founded Co-Research Center with NTU,NTHU,NCKU and NCTU in 2013 and 2014 respectively. We focus on the research of 7-5 nano-semi conductor, heterogenousIntegration, Manufacturing of semi-conductor on special application,   Manufacturing of semi-conductor and equipment research ,etc. Each co-research center looks for excellent undergraduate students and encourage them to co-work  with their professors in topic research. 

In order for students to understand the importance of semi-conductor, the resource that the research center provided and the professors' research topics, TSMC and four co-research center host a "2016 Semi-conductor Leader Camp" on August 2nd to August 3rd. We invited all students to explore the mystery of semi-conductor technology and assist students in their research topics.

Welcome to join our  "2016 Semi-conductor Leader Camp" !  

P.S. With the limitation of participants' numbers please submit your application form before June. 12 (Sunday). Once we received your application file, we will send the E-mail before June 20(Monday)

Attched is the content of the activity. 

Cordially invites you to participate  "2016 Semi-conductor Leader Camp" !  

Registeration Website  http://goo.gl/forms/Px6My7Dr1L

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